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Employee Counselling

Employee counselling service is extended to vulnerable employees which may be struggling to cope with anxiety, depression or any other mental or emotional health problem. In a confidential setting one to one counselling or coaching is provided to employees to help them cope and learn tools to manage their feelings.

Well being Workshops:

These workshops are aimed to provide awareness, teach coping skills and strategies to group of employees aimed towards personal development and team development.

Relaxation Workshops

These are group workshops offered to employees where correct breathing techniques and other relaxation exercises are taught to help them cope with daily stress. These workshops can be organized on weekly or monthly or quarterly basis.

Well-being Surveys

Customized survey can be designed for organizations which are aimed to assess employee well-being, team satisfaction, general well-being, personality. Post survey analysis and insights are provided in order to equip the organization to take better people decisions.

Behavioral Interviews

Interviews are critical step in the hiring process. Effective and accurate behavioral interview design can help identify the right talent. Customized competency based interviews can be designed to help hiring manager ask the right questions and find the right talent.