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It is normal to feel anxious. Certain level of anxiety drives us and makes us take the required action. Anxiety is the worry for the future. It is accompanied by feeling of nervousness, fear and racing heart. It mostly includes thoughts of " What if." When anxiety becomes excessive, it starts to interfere with your daily life if not managed well.


Depression is signified by low mood, feeling of sadness and hopelessness. Depression can impact our general well being and daily functioning. Seeking treatment and support can help reduce and overcome depression.


Stress is a state of emotional and physical tension. It can be caused by an event or situation in life. It creates feeling of fatigue, tiredness, nervousness and even frustration. Prolonged stress can gradually lead to depression or burnout which is likely to impact day to day functioning.

Self Esteem

Self esteem is our overall sense of self worth. This means what we think about ourselves and how much value we give to our individuality. Low self esteem can hamper ones confidence and may lead to the person feeling sad, anxious or withdraw from others.


Assertiveness is an individuals ability to stand up for one self in a positive way without being aggressive or violent. Lack of assertiveness can make one feel frustrated, angry and can impact confidence of the person.


Anger is a normal emotion which rises when one feels a sense of injustice or when things are not meeting the set expectations. Anger can impact relationships in a negative way and creates stress for the person. Expressing anger in a healthy way is important to help us maintain relationships as well create self respect for ourselves.

Body Image

Body Image is what we think or believe about our own physical body. Low or poor body image is signified by beliefs that ones body is not good enough or is lacking something. Usually the person compares ones physical body with standards set by others.